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A team of passionate and enthusiastic developers. For us, it is our mission to bring satisfaction to customers by providing innovative technology solutions.

We provide top-notch services and support to businesses of all sizes. We're here to help you get the most out of your technology investments and ensure that your IT infrastructure is running smoothly.

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Reactron team

We are a versatile team of talented developers and business professionals with a diversity of expertise. We provide not only services but also long-term cooperation relationships. We are working to help you bring your software ideas to life. Check out Reactron team and be our partner today!

Trung Nguyen-Chairman-Reactron-Technologies-Ltd

Trung Nguyen

Co-founder - Chairman

Jarvis Luong

Co-founder- CTO

Tung Bui

Senior Cloud DevOps Architect


Phong Doan

Senior Full- Stack Web Developer

Chi nguyen-Reactron-Technologies-Ltd

Chi Nguyen

Senior Full-Stack Developer


Thuong Le

Senior Android Developer


Tamas Kralusz

Front-end Developer


Denis Kuivalianen

Full-Stack Developer

András ádám

Full- Stack Developer


Janet Van

Full-Stack Developer


Duyen Tran

Marketing Administrator

We don't Just Work!

 We put in the effort at work but also like to have fun. With a people-centric mindset, Reactron nurtures and supports the potential of team members as the top priority. Harmonious working environment is our success. Reactron ensures balance and fairness at our workplace.


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