Innovation Voucher

Develop your technology strategy, build an MVP, and test your software solutions with our expertise in software development.

You can get €5000 worth of consulting services, paid by Business Finland.

The application period starts 1st of August.

what is innovation voucher?

Innovation Voucher is a 5000 EUR funding program provided by Business Finland to help SMEs with a new product or service that has international growth potential. It is the perfect instrument for companies that lack resources or the special expertise required to turn their business idea into a reality.

Why Should You Use It?

Reactron Technologies is the official partner of Business Finland and we can help you make the best out of your Innovation Voucher.

Acquire special expertise

A lack of expertise can delay your product’s completion. With the voucher, your company gains valuable resources to develop your software and speed up growth.

Test Your Business Idea

The Innovation Voucher can help you build an MVP to validate the consumer demand, receive feedback for further development,

Secure Funding

Many funding programs require an MVP. Having one will expand your eligibility and increase your chance of securing your funding.

High value for a low price

This low-threshold funding is without self-finance, fully provided by Business Finland.

We tailor our services to fit your needs

 Depending on what you want to focus on, we will help you decode your issues and move forward with your business goals.

Try Our MVP Package

innovation voucher finland analysis of your software idea
innovation voucher finland Technology Strategy consulting
innovation voucher finland MVP Development
innovation voucher finland Testing Your Product
innovation voucher finland Budget and Timeline
innovation voucher finland Post-Project assistance

use any of Our Expertise


Mobile App Development

Cross-platform React Native, Native Android App, Native iOS App, and Progressive Web App.



DevOps, Third-party Integration, and Modern Backend Design.

IT Consulting

Software Service Design, Architecture Design, DevOps, and Software Customization.


Web Development

Visualization, Accessibility, Progressive Web App.

Who can use the innovation voucher?

According to Business Finland, when the company has a new product or service idea with international potential, and:

  • Wishes to quickly assess its suitability for further development, usability, or marketability, for example, by means of demos, prototypes, and customer testing.
  • Needs an outside expert opinion, assessment, or testing and measurement services.
  • Has credit rating of A and cannot have tax liabilities / unpaid taxes.
  • Has not used the innovation voucher before.
  • Read more from Business Finland.
who can use the innovation voucher

Client Testimonial

keija jin - superflash

“We got to know Reactron through Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher services, which enabled us to grow our business significantly faster because they provided us with the technical knowledge that we didn’t have. Reactron built a software prototype for our smart robot using React Native, which is a technology that they’re exceptionally good at. We’re glad to have them at the start of our journey because it helped us validate our ideas, test our robot, and solidify the foundation for our future robots.”


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