Tech stack mentioned: .NET, Angular, Azure

  • .NET – A comprehensive framework from Microsoft that enables
    developers to create applications for web, mobile, and desktop environments.
  • Angular – A platform and framework for building single-page
    client applications using HTML and TypeScript, maintained by Google.
  • Azure – A cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building,
    testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through
    Microsoft-managed data centers.

”Collaborating with the Reactron team has been an exceptionally positive experience. The team thoroughly understood our commercial objectives and demonstrated remarkable dedication and precision in their work. They played a crucial role in the development of our platform, provided comprehensive documentation, and ensured all deliverables were met on time. The team leader proved to be an excellent technical partner, and the Vietnamese developers showcased deep expertise in software development, reflecting their high level of proficiency.”

Rami Saajoranta – CEO of Foxdo

Home page of foxdo

Foxdo is a home renovation platform that simplifies and expedites the selection of reliable contractors. While other industry players focus on digitizing the bidding process, Foxdo digitalizes the entire renovation process from start to finish.

Our impact

The team at Reactron Technologies has taken over the project around the beginning of April 2024, and has since released:

  • A fleshed out invoice for customer using the service so that they all use approved format and template from Finnish Tax Office, which customer can use to claim back their renovation cost easily
  • A cleaned-up and revamped legacy interface of service providers’ dashboard to be mobile responsive and user friendly, helping out all service providers having to work with their reporting on their phone

as well as preparing for exciting new features such as:

  • Chat message integration between all parties so that communication is centralized and provides much better experience
  • Mobile application for most optimized experience using the service

The Challenge

The project development team used to be run by a team of 1 to 2 developers, varied throughout different phases of the application. This leads to inconsistency in the development practice, process and documentation left behind for onboarding and understanding the technical, as well as fragments of technical debts that slows down or impair delivery of features


Since the development team at Reactron found that the technical choice was not the main obstacle by itself, we continue with the project as it was handed over to us, and continue working on both new features as well as gradually solving other technical debts. In summary, we have spent:

  • Less than 1 month: release invoice change
  • 5 weeks: release first big revamp of service providers’ responsive and new UI, cover everything from service provider perspective

All features that we delivered to Foxdo are fully documented and transferred to Foxdo to ensure that our customer Foxdo always has access to their own IPR.

How we did it

We had a quick project kick-off meeting with the client and understand their needs to quickly take over the development of the system from the previous CTO. Then our lead developer takes the initiative to hand-pick two developers from our own Vietnamese company to assign as teammates, each is responsible for one competence area: Front-end and Backend. Our team lead works closely with the Foxdo team to prioritize features, releases and also refine feedback to deliver to the developers.  

We worked closely with the client team using a shared communication channel and shared project management system and they can provide real-time feedback on the development product.

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