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Software Development, Mobile App Development, Cross-Platform React Native, DevOps, and Cloud Infrastructure.

Innovation Voucher Services for Startups & SMEs

Develop your technology strategy, build an MVP, and test your software solutions.

€5000 worth of consulting services, all provided by Business Finland

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Our Expertise


Mobile App Development

Cross-platform React Native, Native Android App, Native iOS App, and Progressive Web App.



DevOps, Third-party Integration, and Modern Backend Design.

IT Consulting

Software Service Design, Architecture Design, DevOps, and Software Customization.


Web Development

Visualization, Accessibility, Progressive Web App.

Why People Trust Us

We take pride in our expertise and our team, who works around the clock to make sure that our clients always receive the best service.


We are the Sonic to your emergencies. Or as one of our very happy client said "Sometimes, Reactron developers are even more responsive than our own employees".


We do business with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Whatever you were promised, we deliver, and then some.

Dedication to Our Craft

You'll receive the latest and state-of-the-art expertise. Our passion for technology keeps us curious. We encourage our team to constantly learn new skills and evolve with modern technology.

Customer success

We have your best interests at heart, your needs will be heard and satisfied. You can rest assured that we will advise only the most efficient solutions.


It is your satisfaction that we live by.

Highly adaptable and available, Reactron Technologies is made up of international professionals who aim to deliver premium and fully customizable technological services to help your business succeed.

There are no such ”nonsense” or ”unreasonable” requests since our customers must have their own reasons as well. I want to achieve perfection as much as possible and deliver to customers a care-free experience.


Jarvis Luong,

Co-Founder & CTO of Reactron


Reactron has built many software, applications, and products for our clients, many with problems like yours. See how we overcame the challenges together. If you would like to see our full portfolio, click here.

What Clients Say About Us

Jani Muuronen - Talented

The Reactron team is a great long-term partner. They apply their expertise well and always advise the most efficient solution. Even when we need ad-hoc requirements, it was a breeze for them.”

"We got to know Reactron through their Innovation Voucher services, which enabled us to grow significantly faster because they provided us with the technical knowledge that we didn’t have. Reactron built a software prototype for our smart robot using React Native, which is a technology that they’re exceptionally good at. We’re glad to have them at the start of our journey because it helped us validate our ideas, test our robot, and solidify the foundation for our future robots.”
Co-Founder at Superflash
"Working with the Reactron team was a very positive experience. The team was earnest, hard-working, and diligent. They worked on everything from packaging our native SDK and npm packages to creating user interfaces and improving our overall architecture. Whenever your company needs to speed up your React Native development with true expert-level help, Reactron will not disappoint."
Mikko Virkkilä
CTO at Steerpath
"The team was flexible, patient, and meticulous. From our requirements, they even advised a more efficient solution, and they even delivered an additional bonus feature which made our solution more robust and reliable."
Timo Lappalainen
Co-Founder at True Diamonds

Reactron Development Team

Focus on scaling up your business, let our software consultants take care of pending tasks that you don’t have the time or resources to spend on. We also have a freelancer network of different backgrounds who work with us to deliver your project.



Co-Founder, CEO, & Senior Full-Stack Developer



Co-Founder, CTO & Senior Mobile Developer



Senior Cloud DevOps Architect



Full-Stack Developer



Full-Stack Developer



Full-Stack Developer

Let Our Experts
Work Their magic

Whether you need consulting, software development, outsourcing, or an in-house development team. We got you covered. Let us know what you need.

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React Native will become one of the best choices when developing a mobile application and an even more solid option when developing a cross-platform one. Investing in React Native will yield a paying result for a business’s future.

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Tests to a software development team are like legs to a whole body that bears the weight of technical complexities in the pursuit of good-quality products. Without tests, the fast cycle of iterations and the market’s requirement of quick releases often seen in modern software development will easily overwhelm the business itself. 

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