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In this modern era, everyone needs a “map” for navigation. When you want to visit a new place, you will need an interactive street map. When you want to reach that specific booth, you will need that venue’s map. When you order food, you will also need a map to track your shippers.

Steerpath has a long history of building indoor positioning and wayfinding experiences for cross-platform use. As part of this solution, the map engine plays a pivotal role, and rather than building their own, Steerpath opted to leverage the Mapbox map engine as a foundation. This high-quality and flexible map engine has now for years been a key piece in Steerpath’s SDK.

What is Mapbox anyway?

Mapbox is the location data platform for mobile and web applications. With similar functionalities as Google Maps, Mapbox alleviates the stress of cost increase while allowing more freedom for customization. Mapbox’s service is used by GitHub, Pinterest, Foursquare, and other popular companies. In addition, the company values open-source roots, thus constantly encouraging talented developers to actively analyze and improve the codebase.

Project Highlights

  • Reactron identified and resolved the problem in 1 week
  • The solution contributed directly back to the open-source community
  • Expertise required: Swift, Objective-C and all the way to C++

The Challenge

Recently, Steerpath ran into an issue deep inside Mapbox. With Steerpath’s own R&D team tied up with other work, they decided to reach out to Reactron as cross-platform mobile technologies are our expertise.


Despite the fact that C++ is a hard and complex language that requires deep knowledge to master, after just 1 week, Reactron managed to fix, test, and write a report about the issue to Steerpath. We also helped contribute back to the open-source community with this project. Steerpath was happy to sponsor improving the open-source project that they had already benefited greatly from as well as impressed with the expertise that Reactron successfully delivered. Needless to say, we were ecstatic!

What The Client
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Mikko Virkkilä – CTO of Steerpath.

“We at Steerpath were very impressed with the speed Reactron was able to dive deep into this open-source project, identify the problem and fix it.”


About Steerpath

Steerpath Ltd. is a Finnish company providing professional indoor maps, navigation, and positioning technology to mobile application vendors. Easy to integrate, Steerpath navigation and positioning solution allow customers to add value to their applications through the use of guidance, search, and contextually relevant information. Their seamless and accurate indoor navigation and positioning solution can now be brought to any environment and for all users. Learn more about Steerpath’s products by visiting