Reactron- We build brand awareness by adding human values

We-build-brand awareness-by-adding -human -values

Brand awareness is always one of the priorities that is built by a company from the beginning of development. In general, brand awareness is the concept that customers can recall or recognize a brand under different conditions. What comes to mind when you think of Reactron? A reliable technology partner? An enthusiastic and passionate tech team?

Industry characteristics will hold the prerequisite for you to remember us. But it all started with human connection when the brand was founded to bring technology closer to everyone’s life. Meet Duyen Tran, Marketing Administrator at Reactron, with the story of shaping the brand focus on adding human values. Let’s stay on the article to find out how the brand- Reactron Technologies is forming. 

From the audience to the brand-speaker

Interviewer: Welcome to the interview! Let’s bring some memories to warm it up. Can you list three keywords that connect you with the brand- Reactron from the beginning?

“Enthusiasm, frankness and cohesion are three things I can tell without hesitation. The incredible enthusiasm of Reactron truly inspired me. It is a testament to its founders’ hard work, commitment, and the entire team. Their collective energy is spreadable!”-Duyen explained how positive energy from the team had amazed her from the beginning.

“As for the frankness and cohesion, I can see through the recruitment process. The more I got into the interview, the more I realized how people’s value comes first as part of Reactron. It is not simply the cohesion of the company’s members but the cohesion of each partner cooperating with Reactron. True to the company’s motto – build software and relationships. All expectations from my side and the brand are also honestly met at that time.”

Interviewer: It must have been a surprising experience when you were responsible for the content and how the brand was promoted. Can you share about this?

“I consider myself fortunate enough to represent the Reactron team and deliver the message to our audiences.”- says Duyen.

Duyen thinks she is representing the team of developers to send communication messages to the audience and customers. The way she conveys it, the soul of the brand lies in the people working hard every day. “The brand will gradually form when each person does their own thing well”, Duyen shared.

Reactron- Made by humans for humans

Interviewer: What determines brand awareness, in your opinion, and why?


“That’s a good question, yet tough. Promoting services massively was the fastest way to boost brand awareness. Even though it wasn’t completely wrong, I soon realized that the ultimate key to creating a strong connection between a brand and its audience is still the same: the power of human connection.”


Duyen further describes how Reactron has the power to do good work to shape its brand by creating an unforgettable customer experience. It was tested when one of our happy customers said to Reactron: “Sometimes, Reactron developers are even more responsive than our employees.” At the end of the day, only the quality of service and the collaborative experience make people remember us.


For long-term branding, the chairman of Reactron, Mr Trung Nguyen, used to share the inspiring vision of the brand: “We want to be a technology powerhouse that supports growth companies in our respective fields.”


Reactron’s CTO, Mr Jarvis Luong, also affirmed the brand vision when we had a branch in Sweden- Curvy Solutions AB.


“We try to reach and support as many customers as we can. We started as global citizens. Setting up a local presence in a foreign market will help to familiarize our and customers’ branding perceptions. Hence we also want to bring the spirit to the company.” (Read more)


The core of Reactron lies the foundational mission of “bringing software to life”. This was the driving force behind the two founders’ dedication to growing the company. Adopting a human-centric approach is key to achieving sustained and prioritizing the development of our team to accomplish our vision. We value our partners while promoting the team’s growth to achieve the best results.

Self-recognization through the brand

Interviewer: It’s good to see consistency in branding. What do you enjoy working with the brand? Can you share more as a member?

“I see myself growing up through the Reactron brand”, Duyen excitedly confirmed. 


“When you represent a group that conveys a message, it is easy to get confused if you cannot find a common frequency to harmonize with the brand itself. I think not only me but any member of Reactron will see a certain reflection of themselves with their work at Reactron.”- Duyen continued.

“When I mention WE ARE REACTRON, I really meant it.”

These are the perks of working in an environment where all opinions matter. A sense of belonging and mutual understanding helps us be our best selves – professionally and personally. This supportive atmosphere allows us to come together and share our expertise while learning and growing with each other. It is these qualities that make us who we are and helps us to realize our potential.

What’s new to expect?

The bigger we grow, the more we learn. With the business development process with the participation of all members, we want to explore the full potential and create opportunities for individual development. Therefore, in the near future, products and services will also promise to serve customers the best. Grab a deal with us today by leaving a message at Contact us.